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My Everyday Fashion

My everyday fashion is what I wear everyday. It can be a guide for any everyday girl who wants to look good, and sometimes stand out. Straight from my myspace page is my view on clothes. I wrote: For me, clothes aren't about making a statement. I just like to have fun from what I'm wearing and somedays i just want to stand out and other days I don't. I'm not a "jeans-and-tee-shirt" girl. I usually only wear tee-shirts to practice. I always want to feel pretty. If I don't, then my day won't go very good.

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First Impression-isms [07 Aug 2007|02:57am]

[ mood | excited ]

Even if you never think about an outfit any other day the entire year, chances are you plan out the outfit for the first day of school. Impressions are made that day. You have a list of brand new teachers ready to put you into a cookie-cutter mold. New and old classmates judge you: whether or not you've changed, if you've improved, or if you're ready for has-been status. It's not a day for sweatpants. However, It's not a good idea to wear your prom dress from last year, either. The perfect outfit looks pulled together and fun and embodies your personality all while looking while it didn't take any effort. You want to look like you have the skills to just throw something on and look gorgeous. Nothing forced. The first day isn't a good day to test-drive something out of your comfort zone. If you want to go down as the first to sport a brand new trend at your school, you need to get used to seeing yourself in it first. If you're not comfortable wearing it, you won't look natural. Wear it around the house. Turn on your favorite song and dance around in it. Then decide. Is it you? Is it the day one outfit? Even if you're not wearing anything out of the ordinary, wear it around for five minutes or so, and decide whether or not it's really worthy.

But don't let it stop at the outfit. I even coordinate my nail polish with my outfit. For me, this isn't out of the ordinaire. It's not any extra effort. I love nail polish and I have probably over a hundred bottles. An outfit with nail polish and shiny lip gloss can't go wrong. It's like the bow on top of the present. It wraps it all up and embellishes it.

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Your Editor [07 Aug 2007|02:04am]

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Okay so this is the very first post and I'd like to explain kind of what this is. Think of it as a teen fashion live-journal. For teens by a teen. And I'm the "editor," so to say. So, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Holly, 16. There. I was inspired to take on this project when my Teen Vogue came in the mail, and I began to ponder how sometimes it takes a while for big hollywood trends to trickle into everyday lives of teens. So I'm interpreting the trends in my own way.

I chose Ashley Tisdale for the star of the skin. She's pretty, has a nice image, and I like her style. What's not to like?

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